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Eyelash styling

What woman doesn’t dream of a beautiful and expressive look? Today’s beauty industry offers a myriad of ways to make this dream come true, including the eyelash extension technique, which is becoming increasingly popular among women. Such a technique involves carefully gluing artificial eyelash hairs, made of safe monofilament fiber, making the eye look even more distinct. The procedure is absolutely painless and safe, but requires a bit of patience.



Eyelash extension techniques

1-2D eyelash extensions

1-2D eyelash extensions involve thickening natural eyelashes by 1.5-2 times and lengthening them by 10-30%. Eyelashes after this method look natural and delicate.

Execution time
Extension Correction
1 instructor 2h 1,5h
2 instructors (4 hands) 1h 45 minutes
Extension Correction
Instructor 220 pln 165 pln
Top-instructor 330 pln 250 pln
4 hands 330 pln 250 pln

3-5D eyelash extensions

3-5D eyelash extensions give the eyelashes more volume and emphasize the shape of the eye, thickening natural eyelashes by 3-5 times and lengthening them by 10-30%.

Execution time
Extension Correction
1 master 2,5 h 2 h
2 masters (4 hands) 1h 45 minutes
Extension Correction
Instructor 270 pln 200 pln
Top-instructor 380 pln 285 pln
4 hands 380 pln 285 pln

6-9D eyelash extensions

6-9D eyelash extensions will make the look even more expressive, and the eyelashes will be long and thick. This technique consists in thickening natural eyelashes by 6-9 times and lengthening them by 10-30%.

Execution time
Extension Correction
1 master 3,5 h 3 h
2 masters (4 hands) 1,5 h 1h
Extension Correction
Instructor 320 pln 240 pln
Top-instructor 440 pln 330 pln
4 hands 440 pln 330 pln

Eyelash extensions 10-15D

Eyelash extensions 10-15D – this is an excellent technique for brave people who want to be in the center of attention and want to emphasize the beauty of their eyes. Natural eyelashes are thickened by 10-15 times and extended by 10-30%.

Execution time
Extension Correction
1 master 3 h 2,5 h
2 masters (4 hands) 1,5 h 1h
Extension Correction
Instructor 370 pln 280 pln
Top-instructor 500 pln 380 pln
4 hands 500 pln 380 pln

Kim Kardashian Effect

The Kim Kardashian effect is a modern, innovative eyelash extension effect that has stolen the hearts of millions of women. Clients choose this technique because the eyelashes look spectacular and natural at the same time. It consists in gluing artificial hairs of different lengths, which protrude like a beam. This is an additional effect to all eyelash extension techniques and is universal, so it will suit all types of beauty.

Price: + PLN 50 to the selected eyelash extension technique

Eyeliner Effect

Eyeliner effect – this is a line effect and it replaces drawing lines with eyeliner. The effect involve gluing short artificial eyelashes on 3/4 of the length of the eye and increasing this length in the outer corner. This technique emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes and makes the look even more clear and similar to a cat’s eye.

Price: + 50 pln to the selected eyelash extension technique

Eyelash lamination

Currently, it is a real hit in eyelash styling. Thanks to this technique, eyelashes look natural, are beautifully curled and elongated. Eyelash lamination involves regenerating and strengthening them using keratin, which is applied to the eyelashes during the procedure. Keratin not only adds volume to the eyelashes, but also creates a shield on them, protecting the hair from the negative effects of UV and moisture. Lamination gives an amazing effect that lasts for up to two months, and the procedure itself is painless and quick (only takes about 60-90 minutes). During the procedure, the eyelashes are dyed with a special paint, which gives the eyelashes a deep black color. In addition, after the procedure, the eyelashes can be applied with mascara, shadows and eyeliner. The procedure does not require correction, only renewal every 1.5-2 months.

Price: Instructor – 200 pln, Top-instructor – 255 pln. Execution time – 1.5h

Additional services

We also offer additional services for all the presented techniques:

  • adding colored eyelashes (with any technique) – 50 pln;
  • eyelash coloring – 60 pln (Instructor), 80 pln (Top-instructor);
  • removing false eyelashes 50% – 50 pln;
  • removing false eyelashes 30% – 30 pln;
  • lower eyelash extensions – 80-100 pln (Instructor), 25-155 pln (Top-Instructor).


The process of eyelash extension or correction is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of patience from the client. If you want to speed up the process and save your time for small pleasures, use the 4-hand eyelash extension service. The treatment, performed by two highly qualified masters from Ukraine, will allow you to get the same effect twice as fast. Often we hear concerns that applications made by two different people may differ. Anything like this! Our specialists use the same technique, thanks to which both eyes will look identical. Decide on eyelash extensions in 4 hands, choose any technique and enjoy the unique effect for the next 6 weeks.

Conditions for eyelash extensions:

Clean and well-groomed eyelashes;
No more than 21-28 days have passed since the previous visit;
At least 50% false eyelashes left

Popular questions and answers

Do you offer a warranty for extended eyelashes?

Yes, you can contact us with any questions or comments within 7 days of the procedure. After the interview, we will provide the appropriate consultation and help in the solution.

Is eyelash extension harmful to people who wear contact lenses?

Extended eyelashes are not felt and absolutely do not interfere with everyday life. It’s recommended to remove the lenses only before the eyelash extension procedure to avoid drying out the contact lenses due to the fumes of the glue.

Can eyelash extensions be done during pregnancy?

Eyelash extensions do not affect the fetus and the future mother’s body, therefore eyelash extensions are not contraindicated for pregnant women. However, due to hormones, the durability of the application in some individual cases may be shorter.

Can I visit the sauna or swimming pool and swim in the sea after eyelash extensions?

Of course. But it is advisable not to spend more than 10-15 minutes in the sauna. It is also worth avoiding prolonged (over 1 hour) contact of eyelashes with water.

Can you wet your eyelashes after extensions?

Yes, thanks to our latest technology and high-quality Plato Professional materials, you can wet your eyelashes even right after the procedure and it will not affect the durability of the application in any way.

What are the contraindications to eyelash extensions?

Dermatological problems, conjunctivitis, swelling and inflammation of the eye mucosa, hormonal disorders, colds, seasonal allergies, increased lacrimation, eye and eyelid cancers.

How to sleep and rub your eyes with extended eyelashes?

Gently rub your eyes with your finger, but not with your whole fist, do not touch them often with your hands and do not pull. Sleeping with your face in the pillow is not recommended, but acceptable, because it will not significantly affect the durability of the application, it can shorten it by only 10%.

Can you paint your eyes after eyelash extensions?

Yes, but we recommend using only non-greasy cosmetics. You can use shadows, but not permanent eyeliners. We also recommend removing makeup with eyelash shampoo, not micellar water or makeup remover milk.

How long does an eyelash extension treatment take?

The duration of the procedure depends on the chosen technique, but usually it takes from 1.5 to 3 hours.

How often do you need to extend your eyelashes?

The procedure should be repeated every 3-4 weeks when we make a correction, and if we want a new application every 5-6 weeks.

When can you correct eyelash extensions and when should you extend them again?

We can correct your eyelashes if at least 50% of artificial eyelashes remain after the previous procedure and no more than 28 days have passed since the previous visit. In other cases, the eyelashes should be extended again.

Do extended false eyelashes damage natural eyelashes?

If the false eyelashes were properly extended and are properly cared for after the procedure, they do not damage the natural eyelashes.

Do eyelash extensions cause discomfort?

No. False eyelashes are not glued to the skin, but to natural eyelashes, so there will be no feeling of discomfort.

How to wash your face with extended eyelashes?

Eyelashes are not afraid of short-term contact with water. On the contrary, eyelashes should be washed daily together with the eyes, because the accumulation of fatty substances (creams), cosmetics residues and natural sebum will lead to a significant, sometimes even more than 40%, shortening of the durability of the application. It is best to use a shampoo or foam for washing eyelashes.

Who performs eyelash extensions?

The procedure is performed by an instructor or Top-Intructor with over 6 years of experience, winner of the championship in eyelash extensions, judge of the championship, conference speaker, certified Plato Professional teacher.

Can you paint extended eyelashes?

No. Mascara contains ingredients that weaken the durability of the glue Painting eyelashes may shorten the durability of the application. Extended eyelashes without any cosmetics look very expressive, so we do not recommend covering them with mascara.

Is it very noticeable after eyelash extension treatment that they are not natural?

False eyelashes can look delicate and natural, the most important thing is to choose the right method. If a technique with a natural effect is chosen, then others will only notice that the eyelashes have become more defined, but they will still look natural.

Do eyelash extensions cause allergies?

Allergy is possible only in case of individual intolerance to the main component of the adhesive – cyanoacrylate. Always before starting the procedure, we analyze the risk of allergies in the client, and we even conduct an interview. During eyelash extensions, high-quality materials are used that undergo dermatological control, are certified in Europe and are therefore safe.

How long can you wear your eyelashes after the procedure?

It all depends on how quickly your natural eyelashes regenerate and how well you follow the rules of eyelash extension care. Due to the high qualifications of our instructors and the latest eyelash extension technologies, the stylist’s fault in the durability of the application is excluded. In addition, we guarantee the effect after the procedure.


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