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Judging beauty championships

The staff of Plato Professional is a judge with many years of experience in the beauty industry – experience in judging since 2015. Thanks to their experience in eyelash and eyebrow styling, training courses and unique proprietary techniques, the judges from Plato are able with their expert eye to correctly assess in detail the work of the championship participants according to the criteria required by the organizer and based on their own extensive knowledge in the subject of eyelash and eyebrow styling, anatomy and medicine, always adding their detailed comments, which helps participants understand their mistakes and correct them in the past. Plato Professional specializes in judging championships in eyelash extensions (from classic 1:1 to Mega Volume and creative styling), eyebrow styling using various methods, including eyebrow lamination, and eyelash lamination.

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Plato’s staff are responsible, concrete, discreet people. Our professionals have had the opportunity to judge numerous online and offline championships in countries such as Norway, Vietnam, Italy, Scotland, Romania, the Netherlands, England, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc. To Plato’s credit, he has judged in more than 50 championships.
Participants in the championship are encouraged to take training courses in Plato in preparation for such events.

How to invite Plato Professional instructors as speakers to your own event?

For more details and terms of cooperation with ™ Plato Professional, please call the contact number +48 575 175 025or by email[email protected]


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