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Become a technologist of the well-known professional line of Lash&Brow products by TM Plato Professional

Our products have been created on the basis of over 10 years of experience in the Lash & Brow industry, they are of great quality, unique, some patented in the EU.

We created our products with care for stylists – they were supposed to speed up work, be comfortable, efficient and at a good price. Each person working on our products should feel as if this product was created especially for them, and therefore this person must also get a good advice and ease and availability of purchase. We want our products to be known to more and more people.

Plato Technologist – is a person who conducts training according to his program on Plato products, is an expert and advises this company. By conducting training on Plato Professional products, our technologist presents all aspects of working with them, their advantages and techniques by which you can speed up everyday work.

Jak zostać technologem marki Plato Professional?

For more details and terms of cooperation with ™ Plato Professional, please call the contact number +48 575 175 025or by email[email protected]

Plato Professional technologists

Anna Rudnik-Rapita


Miastko, Poland , Pomeranian Voivodeship
  1. Plato Professional Technologist
  2. I-beauty instruktor
  3. Eyelash and eyebrow stylist since 2017, linergist since 2021
  4. Higher education in cosmetology and pedagogy, owner of the salon Anna Rudnik-Rapita “Phi” Lash&Brow Spa
  5. Independent trainer and instructor of the brand in eyelash styling
  6. Grand Technologist by Plato Professional
  7. Author of her own training programs
  8. Medalist of two Olympics in the knowledge of Plato Professional eyelash extensions
  9. 1st place from the Game of Thrones of Beauty 2020 championship in Austria in the category of 3D eyelash styling
  10. Participant of the Polish Record organized by Plato Professional
  11. IBA VII Top 10 lashmakers award
  12. 1th place in the online eyebrow permanent makeup championship
  13. Online eyelash styling championship judge

    [email protected]
    781 059 766

Katarzyna Bisek


Poland Lublin voivodeship Lublin
  1. Certified cosmetologist
  2. Certified linergist
  3. Certified stylist of eyebrows and eyelashes
  4. Eyebrow and eyelash stylist of the year 2022
  5. Eyebrow and eyelash styling instructor
  6. Plato Professional Technologist
  7. The owner of BELLEZA permanent makeup / eyebrow styling & cosmetology

[email protected]
737 364 734

Marcelina Czuprynska


Kolo, Poland
  1. Marcelina Czupryńska – eyelash stylist since 2011, since 2018 Multiple participant and winner of the largest International Eyelash Styling Championships – “Lash it on Championship”, “Lash Games Championship”, “Lash week Championship&Conference”, “LC Lash Championship”, “Race for lash cup “, “ Championship”, “International Lash Competition” and many others
  2. In addition, she has completed dozens of eyelash styling training courses with the world’s greatest personalities. Starting from basic training to advanced and the most demanding master training.
  3. Participant of many conferences on eyelashes, Eyelash Styling Instructors since 2018.
  4. With medical and cosmetic education. She knows everything about eyelashes… She has released a lot of new stylists from under her wings.
  5. Latest achievement: 2022 GRAND TECHNOLOGIST Plato Professional
  6. Interests: medicine and traveling, loves nature and life in the countryside
  7. Privately: mother of two children and a happy farmer’s wife, owner of Beauty Salon “Estilo Professional” and BeautyShop “Czuprynka”

[email protected]
667 375 927

Paulina Malek


Poland, Radom. Masovian Voivodeship
  1. Have been working as a make-up artist for 4 years
  2. She graduated from Chemical Studies and a reputable make-up school in Krakow and a huge number of trainings in the field of eyebrow and eyelash styling, professional make-up and permanent make-up of eyebrows
  3. Combining the passion and experience she has gained over the years, she decided to conduct training courses that thoroughly prepare her future students to take great steps in the Beauty Industry.
  4. That is why this year she managed to obtain the title of Brow Technologist of the Plato Professional brand

[email protected]
666 286 266

Patricia Mlynska


Gdansk, Poland, voivodeship Pomeranian
  1. Judge of Lash Japan Championship 2023
  2. The owner of the “Be Beauty” hairdressing and beauty salon in Gdańsk
  3. She comes from Gdańsk and trains in Tricity
  4. Master of Psychology Management in Business and Enterprise Management
  5. Cosmetologist and Eyelash Stylist
  6. She has been styling eyelashes for 7 years.
  7. She loves her job – her motto is: “Do what you love and you won’t work a single day”

[email protected]

Olga Noszczyk


Poland, Warsaw
  1. In the beauty industry for over 7 years
  2. She runs her salon in Warsaw, where she deals with eye frames and professional cosmetology treatments
  3. She is a lawyer, human resource management specialist, mentor and trainer with 11 years of experience
  4. In Warsaw, she runs the Mazowieckie Centrum Szkoleniowe, where training and free educational and development support are held:
    a) in the field of eyelash styling,
    b) eyebrow architecture with powder henna, eyelash and eyebrow lamination,
    c) an 8-month educational project “School of Business and Eye Frames”, during which you will learn all the techniques of eyelash and eyebrow extension, the basics of law, accounting, marketing and beauty business,
    d) free educational livestreams and interviews, and a new project “Newsletter for eyelash and eyebrow stylists”!
  5. The philosophy of working with a student is based on 5 foundations that together create POWER!

P – PASSION – undoubtedly my work is my passion that I will infect you with!

O – ORGANIZATION – a good training plan allows you to exhaust your practical and theoretical knowledge!

K – KNOWLEDGE – extensive training scripts, instructional videos and questions that will not remain unanswered!

E – ENERGY – great atmosphere full of positive energy. You can feel at ease with me!

H – HANDICRAFT – after the training you will create beautiful stylizations that will be the work of your hands!

[email protected]

Kamila Dobrzykowska


Netherlands, Dordrecht
  1. For over 4 years in the beauty industry
  2. Eyelash and eyebrow styling instructor in the Netherlands
  3. Certified stylist of eyebrows and eyelashes
  4. A master of eyelash and eyebrow styling
  5. Participant of many conferences on eyelashes and eyebrows

[email protected]


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