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Beauty conferences speaking

The long-standing experience of the Plato team in the beauty industry – more than 11 years, and highly qualified instructors with a multitude of completed and conducted training courses, unique proprietary methods and inventions, allow the staff to Plato Professional to be speakers at conferences, sharing their knowledge.

Plato Professional has given its own lectures at various international online and offline conferences in Poland, Italy, Iran, Austria, the UK, Romania Ukraine, Russia, etc. All performances by Plato’s staff are always complemented by proofs, videos and demonstrations, based on mathematical, anatomical, medical, biological knowledge and medical and cosmetological education.

As speakers at the conference with us are both like Plato’s main instructors (Anastasia Tomusiak and Alena Tomusiak) and others.

How to invite Plato Professional instructors as speakers to a conference?

For more details and terms of cooperation with ™ Plato Professional, please call the contact number +48 575 175 025or by email[email protected]


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