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Facial skin care is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. In order for it to be effective and produce sensational results, it is imperative that it be comprehensive and individually tailored to the skin type. Our specialists will select the right treatments just for you.


Long-lasting effect
Natural rejuvenation without injection methods
Carry out services safely and comfortably


Manual cleansing

Mechanical (manual) facial and back cleansing is a super-effective modern cosmetological treatment that involves manual removal of impurities, blackheads, acne, mustaches and pigmented hair, as well as smoothing and improving the condition of the skin and tightening the epidermis. This method is also great for cleansing the skin of keratinized particles and stimulating blood flow. Manual cleansing is a versatile non-invasive method that will suit all skin types.

Treatment Price Execution time
Manual facial cleansing 150 zł 1 h
Manual facial cleansing + chemical peeling 195 zł 1 h 30 min
Manual cleansing of the back 180 zł 1 h

Cavitation Peeling

Ultrasonic cleaning is the cleaning of equipment that is carried out using high-frequency ultrasonic waves. The effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning comes from the ability of ultrasonic waves to penetrate deep into the skin, doing a micromassage, with which it softens impurities and moves them to the surface.

Advantages of ultrasonic facial cleansing :

  • After the treatment, the face looks fresh and rested. No redness or irritation on the skin
  • Narrows pores and improves overall facial skin condition by improving metabolism
  • Effectively cleanses dead skin and removes blackheads
  • The treatment can be performed at any time of the year.
  • Can be used even on sensitive, irritation-prone skin.
Treatment Price Execution time
Facial cavitation peeling 130 zł 1 h
Facial cavitation peeling + chemical peeling PLN 175 1 h 30 min



An innovative treatment in aesthetic medicine that stimulates and accelerates skin regeneration processes, effectively eliminates the layer of dead cells and gives the skin smoothness, freshness and natural radiance. After a chemical peel, the complexion becomes brighter and firmer. It evens out the skin tone, increases its elasticity, and improves its texture. Also this treatment works against the appearance of wrinkles and the first signs of skin aging.

Types of scrubs:

  • M-Peel mandelic acid peeling
  • S-Peel salicylic acid peeling
  • F-Peel ferulic acid peeling
  • Azelaic acid peeling AZA-Peel
  • A-Peel lactic acid peeling
  • BioRePeelCl3 peeling
  • Peeling PRX-T33
  • PQ-Age Peeling

The cosmetologist selects the peel depending on the condition of the skin.

Treatment Price Execution time
Chemical acid facial peeling 170 zł 30 min
Chemical acid peeling face + neck + décolleté 295 zł 45 min
PQ-Age face peeling PLN 255 30 min
PQ-Age peeling face+neck+decolletage 395 zł 45 min
Peeling BIORePeelCl3 face 295 zł 30 min
Peeling BIORePeelCl3 face+neck+decolletage 495 zł 45 min
Peeling PRX-T33 face 295 zł 30 min
Peeling PRX-T33 face+neck+decolletage 495 zł 45 min

Indications for treatment:

  • Pigmentation and faded skin color,
  • Wrinkles,
  • Uneven skin,
  • Loss of skin firmness and flabbiness,
  • “Double chin.”
  • Acne and acne conditions
  • Enlarged pores and increased oiliness of the skin
  • Dermatitis.


It is a fractional mesotherapy device that renews the skin from both inside and outside and combines the functions of microdermabrasion and mesotherapy.

The device is a cartridge holder. The number of needles in the device’s cartridge can range from 12 pieces. and more. When the device is turned on, the needles in the cartridge begin to perform reciprocating motions at a frequency of 3,000 punctures/min to 5,500 punctures/min. Due to the movement of the needles, there is an even piercing of the skin. Through the resulting punctures, the drug penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and activation processes in the skin begin. Also, as a result of skin damage, increased reconstruction and renewal of the skin begins, and as a result, a lifting and smoothing effect on the skin is achieved.

DermaPen micro-needles cause micro-trauma to the epidermis, which leads to the production of collagen and elastin and promotes cell renewal. The needles create channels in the skin, which ensures that more than 80% of the product penetrates deep into the skin (only 3-5% of the product is absorbed during normal application), which saturates the skin cells with the necessary substances for skin beautification.

Treatment Price Execution time
Dermapen Dr.Pen additionally to the treatment 150 zł 30 min
Dermapen Dr.Pen face with ampoule 250 zł 1 h
Dermapen Dr.Pen face + chemical acid peeling 300 zł 1,5 h
Dermapen Dr.Pen face + PRX peeling - T33 400 zł 1,5 h

Deep hydration

Active moisturizing care – this is immediate and long-lasting hydration of the skin with professional cosmetic agents, the effects of which are visible after the first treatment. This method protects the skin from extreme conditions and prevents premature aging.

Treatment Price Execution time
Deep hydration 150 zł 1 h


Correction and prevention of facial wrinkles, which in a very short time eliminates fine lines, smooths wrinkles, rejuvenates the complexion and improves its overall condition. Also, the Anti-Age method increases skin firmness and density, slowing down the aging process and improving the facial oval.

Treatment Price Execution time
Anti-Age 160 zł 1 h

Line with vitamin C

This treatment has an antioxidant effect on the complexion, regenerates it and evens out its shade, prevents premature aging of the skin, eliminates imperfections, caused by sunlight. This is a versatile and very effective method, the results of which can be seen practically immediately after the procedure.

Treatment Price Execution time
Line with vitamin C 160 zł 1 h

Care for mature skin

A method developed specifically for people who are struggling with the first signs of skin aging. It helps moisturize the skin, increase firmness and elasticity, and smooth out wrinkles.

Treatment Price Execution time
Care for mature skin 250 zł 1 h

Sebum Control

This is a method that helps normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, she has an anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect, helps cleanse and prevent the appearance of blackheads, and gives the skin a matte tone. It is ideal for different skin types: combination, oily and problematic.

Treatment Price Execution time
Sebum Control 150 zł 1 h

Eye area care

This is an innovative treatment in the beauty industry that relieves puffiness and eliminates dark circles under the eyes, protects and firms the skin around the eyes, smooths wrinkles, relaxes facial muscles and increases skin density. With this method, the vascular network around the eyes is effectively strengthened.

Treatment Price Execution time
Eye area care 100 zł 30 min


Microcurrent therapy + serum – is a universal treatment that cosmetologists recommend for the care and regeneration of all skin types. This method effectively smooths wrinkles, reduces acne and hyperpigmentation. Microcurrent therapy has a broad spectrum of action, and most importantly, it is incredibly effective. Microcurrents stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which give the skin firmness and elasticity. The treatment promotes skin cell rejuvenation, eliminates bags and dark circles under the eyes, and produces a lifting effect.

Treatment Price Execution time
Microcurrent therapy + serum 150 zł 30 min


This treatment is a real hit in the beauty industry – it involves the action of CO2 on the skin. With carboxytherapy, wrinkles and acne are reduced, microcirculation is improved, cellular reconstruction is activated, and new collagen production is stimulated. This is one of the most effective rejuvenation treatments in aesthetic medicine.

Treatment Price Execution time
Needle-free carboxytherapy 150 zł 45 min


This treatment is hugely popular around the world and is a true panacea: it helps keep facial skin healthy and supple, prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles and sagging complexion. Under the influence of the massage, the skin cleanses, the blood vessels dilate, the activity of the sebaceous glands normalizes, the skin tone also improves, and the tissues become more elastic. Collagen production is stimulated and lymphatic flow is improved. Facial massage is also a great way to combat stress and a good form of relaxation.

Treatment Price Execution time
Facial massage 80 zł 40 min


The treatment activates microcirculation and normalizes the condition of blood vessels. Through darsonovation, the nutrition of the deep layers of the skin is improved. The treatment also promotes the active production of the body’s own collagen and elastin fibers. In addition, darsonovation is an effective method for acne. It helps reduce sebum production, lower the activity of pathogenic microflora, improve the overall condition of the skin. And what’s more, this method speeds up the skin’s regeneration processes, helps reduce acne marks and gently tighten pores.

Treatment Price Execution time
Darsonvalization of the face 50 zł 30 min


The “For MEN” skin care line was developed specifically for men, taking into account all, even the smallest details. This method effectively removes toxins and improves the overall condition of the skin, prevents the harmful effects of the environment, stress and other negative factors, gives the skin firmness and elasticity, moisturizes and soothes it. And it also prevents dry skin, the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

Treatment Price Execution time
Treatment for men 200 zł 1,5 h



Sugar paste depilation, or shugaring, is a sensational method of removing unwanted hair using sugar paste, which is hypoallergenic and completely safe for health. Sugar, which is used for depilation, is gentler than wax and does virtually no damage to the epidermis. This technique has a very long history and has been popular around the world for many years. From the time of ancient Egypt until today, women have preferred this environmentally friendly and harmless method of hair removal.

Treatment Price Execution time
Temples + Cheeks 40 zł 20 min
Moustache 25 zł 10 min
Chin 20 zł 15 min
Back 90 zł 20 min
Torso 100 zł 30 min
Armpits 45 zł 15 min
Ramioma/forearms 50 zł 15 min
Hands 95 zł 20 min
Bikini line 35 zł 30 min
Bikini 70 zł 30 min
Deep bikini 115 zł 40 min
Thighs/Hips 60 zł 30 min
Legs 115 zł 50 min
Legs+Bikini+Arms 220 zł 1,5 h


Paraffin therapy for hands and feet – is a cosmetological treatment that perfectly suits the skin care of women, as well as men. Paraffin therapy slows down the aging process of the skin, moisturizes and nourishes with active substances. The skin of the hands and feet rejuvenates, becomes more pleasant to the touch, smoother, softer and softer. Paraffin therapy effectively and quickly smooths fine wrinkles, significantly increases skin elasticity, accelerates regeneration processes: wounds, cracks and scratches heal faster.

Execution time
Treatment Price Execution time
Paraffin therapy of the hands 25 zł 30 min
Paraffin therapy for feet 35 zł 30 min

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